About our trap

Our salamander trap is a funnel-trap constructed to catch aquatic amphibians, (catch-and-release purposes). It is especially useful for adult and juvenile newts, but tadpoles (frogs and toads), small fishes and a diverse group of invertebrates are also common amongst the catches. Our trap is stackable, easy to assemble, practical and easy to transport, this makes our salamander trap a suitable investment for schools, universities, and research institutions.

Copyright: Jeroen van der Kooij

Copyright: Jeroen van der Kooij

This salamander/newt trap is an optimised and professionalized version of a Ortmann’s funnel trap. The tranquility of the trap attracts other newts when the first newt is caught. As the funnels can be removed the trap is easy to transport, clean and store. The ring around the trap makes it float. Together with small holes in the lid it secures a permanent air-layer for breathing. A small floating pad/raft in the trap functions as a raft for animals which have to rest on land (metamorphosed frogs or newts, water shrews, lizards, etc.).

Our salamander trap is easily checked and emptied without the need to handle the caught animals. This minimises stress and the risk of harming the sensitive amphibian skin during the larval stages.

We recommend 5-10 traps per waterbody in order to receive secure data about the presence/absence of different newt species (see also the literature part for a discussion there). The traps can ideally be placed 10 m apart from each other. But this will depend on the size of the waterbody and the amount of available habitat. Shallow parts (up to 1 m in depth) with a dense aquatic vegetation are optimal, but the traps also work well in ponds without any vegetation. The traps should be checked once a day, preferably in the morning. In mediterranean climates the traps should possibly be checked more often.

Our trap is stackable, easy to assemble, practical and easy to transport, it is made of robust quality materials to withstand ruff handling in the field. The oval shaped transparent plastic container holds 15 liters, the container is 1.5mm thick, and it is strong enough to carry 25 kilos.

The floating device/raft for the inside of the trap is made of a rubber coated material with closed cells, 10*10cm.

Specification: 1 bucket/container, 1 lid, 5 funnels, 1 floating device, 1 small raft, length 38cm width 29,5cm height , total weight 800 grams.”